Caps off to Tartan

Caps off to Tartan

McKenzie Schmitz

The time for 2019-2020 Tartan graduates to take the stage and receive their diploma is coming. June 4th, 2020 Tartan seniors will be graduating. One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony is the cap. The cap that gets tossed sixty feet in the air, symbolizing freedom and accomplishment. But are the caps all decorated and unique to each individual? Not at Tartan.

Tartan High School: home of the Titans. Home to not allowing their senior students to express themselves and their culture on their graduation cap. 

The school system is supposed to teach their students to own who they are and where they come from- embrace their background and express themselves. Then they turn around and deny something as simple as decorating one’s cap. 

Tartan senior Emma Bigwood stated, “ I would love the opportunity to decorate my cap. It was one of the things I looked forward too when I was younger.” Graduating is an amazing accomplishment and students get excited to reap in the rewards and benefits of finally being on that stage. Cap decorating should be one of them. 

Taking away this opportunity from students may affect them more than one would think. Students want the chance to show off who they are: their culture. They want to show where they are headed next to show their accomplishment. The schools want us to be more diverse and educated but deny when we ask to do just that.They are also denying more than they think. Tartan sophomore, Nolia Bigwood stated, “ It upsets me to hear that Tartan doesn’t allow it. I was hoping to be able to dedicate it to my deceased grandpa.” 

Something as small as decorating one’s cap may seem unnecessary. To students, it means a lot and we deserve  to express who we are and what we stand for. We earned it.