Little Women Review


Kierra Ciolkosz

Another timeless tale brought to the big screen, Little Women was released December 25th and has been getting amazing reviews ever since. A story about 4 daughters navigating childhood to womanhood in the 1800s- It brings up hard issues about grief, what life was like being a woman, and heartbreak. I truly never recognized the book until this movie and now I wish I did sooner. 


Louisa May Alcott would be proud that it was directed by a woman! Greta Gerwig, a celebrated director, brought this beautiful book to life with A-star actors like Laura Dern, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, and Timothee Chalamet. It also introduced some new names you need to watch for like Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen. These actors performed so beautifully that their performance brought people to tears, made them smile from ear to ear, and left the audience wanting more.


This movie also was nominated for six Oscars, like best adapted screenplay and best picture, but sadly only brought home one- best costume design (I really thought it should’ve brought home a few more). But the film truly lived up to the high standards that I set at the beginning. So grab your popcorn and maybe some snacks and run to the theater to see this one while it’s still there, or cozy up and stay home and wait till it’s released On Demand to see the best of seven adaptations, because it was truly worth it!