The Tartan Supply Hub’s grand opening

Cecelia Brazil

On Tuesday, February 11th the Tartan Supply Hub was opened. The Tartan Supply Hub is a DECA run support for students in need where they can get food, clothing, items for personal hygiene, and school supplies. Previously, the room wasn’t used for anything, and the DECA students took it and transformed it into the Supply Hub in only one week. In the short time the Hub has been open, it has already helped many Tartan Students get what they need every day. The Hub is located in the cafeteria beside the stage, and is open for any who need it. 

Currently, the Hub isn’t accepting student donations, but in the future they are planning on doing so in addition to donations they are already receiving from Guardian Angels church and from different dentists offices in the area. The Hub has a wide variety of goods that have been donated, but they’re looking for suggestions from the student body as to what is needed  the most. Currently the clothing items they have range from shoes to shirts, and they even have undergarments available as well. Food items available include different cereals, juice boxes, granola bars, and a variety of other goods. The available hygienic items are shampoos and conditioners, toothbrushes and toothpaste, pads and tampons, and other important personal care items. For school supplies, they have a variety of essentials available like pencils and folders. If you have any suggestions for anything they should add, or want to know anything more, you can contact Mr. Spreiter at [email protected].