Big brain bunch


Angelica Palmer

It’s like Jeopardy, but a little different format,” says Mario Valento, a member of Knowledge Bowl. The basic fundamentals of Knowledge Bowl are that it is a competitive quiz based team activity. At a Knowledge Bowl meet the team starts off by taking a test. The test will ask a variety of questions and this will impact your competitive setting. The amount of correct answers puts you in the top room. The top room being the top scores and the lowest room being the lowest scores. After the placement test, teams of 4 are assigned to their rooms where they compete in 40 question rounds with other schools’ teams. The more points, the higher the score. They typically compete in 4 rounds, which is a total of 160 questions per meet.

When I went to interview the knowledge bowl kids, the room was full of bubbly energy. When asked about their favorite part of the experience, Freshman Ben Truax replied, “being competitive!” This was met by a lot of agreement from the other members

Evan Saunders-Pearce explained that “camaraderie” is the part that matters most to him and he values the friendships and brother/sisterhood that has been formed through this quiz based competition.

The team of Mario Valento, Mady Valento, Henry Piepgras and Evan Saunders-Pearce recently took place at the 60 team Sartell Invitational. This is the team’s 5th first place finish this year. They head to the Regional meet February 27.