“Party of Five” gets a high five!


Ayala Analilia

The tv show “Party of Five” is about five siblings living alone in the United States without their parents. Their parents being deported back to Mexico, the children Emilio, Beto, Lucia, Valentina, and their baby brother Rafael are living a life without proper guidance.

“Party of Five” was originally about the kids losing both their parents in a car accident. The 2020 version takes on the new view on deportation and its effects on families.The eldest sibling, Emilio must put his dreams on hold and return home to watch over two teens, a preteen and baby, while taking over the restaurant their parents ran. Many problems show up for the family. 

“Party of Five” is an addicting show. The show has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Directed towards an older audience, “Party of Five” should be added to your watch list. You can watch it on FreeForm, SlingTV, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.