The show must go on!

Tartan Theater strives to overcome COVID obstacles.

The show must go on!

Emma Kelsey, Reporter

The Tartan Theatre auditorium is a ghost town- the students that once filled it with their life, music, and creative talents are now elsewhere. 

COVID-19 has created numerous obstacles for high school programs this year all across the country. One such program is Tartan Theatre. This fall, the director and administrators have worked together to find new ways for Tartan theatre students to continue in the program. In early September, the director announced a new show that would take place: You on the Moors Now. Instead of traditional production inside the auditorium, the performances and rehearsals of this show all take place outside, in a space just outside the school beside the auditorium. Rehearsals began mid-September, after auditions and callbacks took place, also outside.

Students are asked to social distance and wear masks when they are not in scene. The students feel confident that the precautions taking place are effective, and will not hinder the quality of the show. “Seeing as no one’s ever done this before, I think whatever we end up doing will be the best that we can do during this uncertain time.” Says Grace Kelsey, who plays the roles of Jane Bennet, Beth March, and Nelly Dean.

In the spring, Tartan theatre was in the midst of it’s Footloose production when rehearsals had to stop short because of the coronavirus outbreak. Students waited throughout the spring and early summer for news that they could resume the show’s production. The director was working with school administrators to find a way to perform the show in a safe manner. In July, they began the process of cast recordings, bringing the show to a virtual level.  

It is the hope of many that this year’s fall production can pave a path of future opportunities that are safe and rewarding for the duration of this school year. Performances will take place October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.