Teen begins an online business to sell art

Teen begins an online business to sell art

Valeria Popoca Diaz, Reporter

Evie Moxom, a junior at Tartan High School, has recently created an Etsy for her small business “Beetle Bottles”, where she sells custom paintings, keychains, pins, and much more. She began her business amidst the pandemic, so she could make some cash, and work from home to stay safe.

 Evie has always loved arts and crafts, and even sold her art at school to students back when things were “normal”, but when the pandemic hit, and with lots of time on her hands, Evie felt it was the perfect opportunity to go forward with her passion, Evie stated “I was too busy with school and sports and overall just never came around to actually starting a website or use other online platforms to sell my art.”

Evie also uses social media to promote her art, such as Instagram, where she uploads pictures of her art.  She even uses Instagram’s poll feature, to ask followers new ideas she can try, and to get feedback from others, she adds “ I think interacting with others is super important, it helps me come up with new ideas, and definitely lets me improve”

Though she’s only sixteen, art has always been her passion and she’s always strived towards having art be part of her future, and “Beetle Bottles” is the perfect start to that future, Evie shares, “I love how I can make money doing something that I’m passionate about”

Nevertheless, if anyone is interested in supporting a small business, and getting some amazing art check out Evie’s etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeetleBootles