Football is back for fall


Jake Schwinghammer

Football is back! The governor Tim Walz made the executive decision along with MSHSL (Minnesota State High School League) to continue and put the best foot forward at a chance to possibly play football in the fall rather than in the spring. After the call was announced the prep players, the coaches, and parents had mixed emotions but all leaned towards one trend; let the kids play!

Despite the agreement to play in the fall, Governor Walz and MSHSL decided that there will be no postseason (state tournament) play, head football coach Mr. Diediker stated, “I am obviously disappointed, you know that’s the ultimate goal every year, at the very least it is nice to have the ability to play for a section title.” 

Easton Strecker shared his thoughts of playing in the fall, explaining, “I am super excited for the season, it is my senior year and I did not want to wait until the spring. He later expressed the idea of having a smaller crowd capacity, “I think having less fans will have a big impact on the game but at the same time it will help us focus and have less overall distractions.”

There are two sides to the story, being that many athletes and coaches felt want play in the spring not in the fall,  it came on such short notice that coaches feel its too late for proper preparation for a season both mentally and physically. After interviewing Anthony Kuehn, a teammate, one thing became clear amongst the senior football class… Kuehn elaborated, “I would rather play in the fall because we do not know whether or not it would even be safer to play in the spring than in the fall with COVID-19.”

At the end of the day there are many different opinions on whether or not a fall season would be better than a spring season and all the different possibilities that come with it. After speaking to coaches and teammates there can be one conclusion drawn, these players are pumped to have a chance to play regardless of the precautions that come with it.