Enola Holmes outwits foes and charms audiences in Netflix original


Emma Kelsey, Reporter

The Netflix original Enola Holmes is a masterpiece of female empowerment, intriguing mystery, action, and human connection. The story opens with the image of a young girl riding a bicycle over the grassy hills of England. She narrates with a youthful and bold vivacity, outlining her life and story in a way that holds viewers’ attention. She describes her family: her close bond with her mother, her conventional eldest brother Mycroft, and her second brother- the notorious Sherlock Holmes. She then reveals the mystery that has captivated her attention: the disappearance of her mother.

It is soon made obvious that Enola isn’t what would be expected of a girl her age during the late nineteenth century- she does not abide by custom, but leads her life in her own egregious way, doing her best to resist her brother’s attempts to restrain her brilliant personality. When he decides to send her to finishing school, Enola makes the brash decision to leave, in order to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Though she knows it may mean certain trouble, she knows this action is one she must take- she follows her instincts. 

When Enola must devise a new disguise to conform with her surroundings, she becomes something unexpected to herself and anyone who knows her- a lady. It is this which shows the true nature of who she is- she will only become the very persona she so heartily avoids in order to find the person she loves most.

In an enthralling tale, we witness Enola battle inner demons as well as those who have made themselves her enemy- with fantastically exciting yet realistic fight sequences. She uses her clever mind and strong connection with her mother to solve clues only she can penetrate, and finds an unexpected emotional connection between herself and the Lord Tewksbury, a boy she tried to banish from her life and mind, but who came back within it through her noble impulses to save his life. These connections between herself and those among her are as real as they come on-screen.

Throughout her journey, Enola always has the option to turn around, leave those who are in danger to fend for themselves- but she doesn’t. She follows her instincts and risks her own objective and life to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. It is this caring yet astute female character filled to the brim with physical and willful strength whom we need more representation of in society for now and forever, and Enola Holmes amply serves this purpose. A girl shadowed throughout her history as a character has now stepped into the sun in all her glory.

In finding herself amidst a political battle she would have never expected, Enola Holmes holds on tightly to that which brings her through: her determination, steady morals, belief in herself, and the presence of her mother she holds within. In this journey of self discovery Enola finds who she is, and does it her own way, because “my life is my own.”