Covid Not Stopping Autumn Fun

Covid Not Stopping Autumn Fun

It is now October and the coronavirus has not slowed down yet in the United States. But neither has people’s spirit for fall activities. It is unknown if Minnesota will have trick-or-treating for 2020’s Halloween, but there are still other traditions families are able to do. With the coronavirus social distancing rules still in play, farms and orchards are still able to stay open to the people. Fall Harvest is an orchard that has taken all the precautions to do so.

At Montrose MN, Fall Harvest is a fun family orchard that has been gaining more popularity over the years. With many families going there, keeping everyone safe while still having fun is very important. They have animals, pumpkins, hayrides, corn maze, food trucks and of course, apple picking.

However not everything is operating like it usually would. Maribel Ayala, went to the orchard with her family this past weekend. She has said that “You won’t be able to pet the animals but they are still cool to look at. It’s nice seeing my younger siblings get excited.”

While social distancing is still happening, Maribel and her family like everyone else were mostly outside. She has noticed that “people stayed away from each other but there are still families who didn’t wear masks.” Having little siblings to worry about, it did put the family on edge.

Fall Harvest still recommends everyone to wear their masks outside at all times. The lines for the food truck and their own stall have people keeping six feet, and picnic tables spread out. To all apple-pickers, don’t eat the apples right off the trees. Pick them, wait till you get home and then wash them. Following all of these makes it safe for visitors, employees and animals.

COVID has put a strain on everyone’s social life. Finally being able to go out to do things besides being locked up doing nothing at all. Research before you go to places. It is important to follow the rules, even mind others well being, not just your own. Even with certain things closed, you can still have that Autumn fun.