“Devious licks” strike Tartan High school


Ashley Mathison

“Devious licks” are trending on TikTok right now and have influenced kids to participate. The trend involves students stealing school property, getting away with it, and bragging about it on TikTok. The appeal of getting millions of likes and going viral makes this trend so popular that some schools have gotten hit worse than others. Tartan High School is one of the schools that have been having this problem.

Tartan High School has about $500-1000 in damages from this trend. Mrs. Thompson, the principal, is disappointed and thinks high school students should be more mature. These “devious licks” have all grades participating and have affected the whole school.

Many students have complained about the damaged items in the bathrooms like soap dispensers missing, broken toilet paper holders, and even a ceiling tile. Some bathrooms have had to be closed down so they can fix all the damages and hopefully prevent them. Tony Recchio, a senior at Tartan, says that it’s “inconvenient” for him when they close the bathrooms.

The staff hasn’t caught anyone in the act but has caught them after using cameras. If students are caught they do get punished with either payment of the damages, detention, Saturday school, or even suspension. Many students have been caught but some are still at large.

This trend hit the hardest at the beginning of the school year. After a few incidents, Ms. Thompson sent out an email to staff and parents. This email was effective and the “devious licks” have since died down here at Tartan High School.