Is the COVID Vaccine necessary?

Is the COVID Vaccine necessary?

Kielee Thornton

Covid-19 has left a huge impact on Tartan High School. Vaccines like the ones supplied by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson have become available to teenagers within the last couple of months. Free vaccines have been offered throughout the community- at colleges, pharmacies, schools -the students that decide they want the vaccine, can get it with the approval of a parent or guardian.

Suli, a Tartan Senior, agrees that all students at Tartan should get vaccinated. She says, “Making sure everybody in the school is vaccinated is lessening the chances of a COVID outbreak in the school”. She also agrees that wearing masks in the school is the most appropriate way to keep students and staff safe.

However, another Tartan Senior, Maddy, disagrees with this. She claims that, “The vaccine is a scam, that causes weird reactions to different people”. On the other hand, she does agree that wearing masks does ensure more safety within the school.

While, Tartan Senior High School does not currently require students to get vaccinated, they do reinforce masks for students and staff. Tartan only gives students the option to remain at home if they are sick and can come back once they are well enough.