Photography phenom

All photos shot and edited by Pong Lee!

Marko Vukomanovich, Contributer

Hobbies can sometimes be expensive, especially for the minimum wage high school student. Pong Lee, Senior at Tartan Senior High has found a solution to that problem; by monetizing his passion for photography.

Pong has a social media presence, culminating  hundreds of followers on Instagram in only a few weeks.  “All the likes and re-posts on my pictures gave me the idea to charge for senior photos.”

Pong enjoys taking sports photos for the yearbook team, his favorite part is being able to “connect with people I would have never talked to.”

He currently takes senior pictures, and does quotes on pricing. Beginning in October of 2021, he will begin taking realty photos. “I am very excited and this is only the beginning of my enterprise.”

He continued that expanding his business “is the ultimate goal”. Eventually he wants to be the most well known photographer in Minnesota. Currently you can find him on Instagram at pongphotography.