Superfans back at Tartan


Marko Vukomanovich

After a long hiatus, students are finally allowed to attend sporting events again! Tartan High’s “Superfans” are back to leading rowdy student sections, cheering the Titans to victory. Community members of all ages love watching Tartan student-athletes to compete against their opponents.

Senior Jillian Tabaka is one of the students who are behind the “Tartan Superfans” Instagram account which highlights the biggest games played each week. She states, her favorite part of being a Superfan is, “Getting to see faces light up as people get excited about the game.”.

Being a Superfan is not easy. Senior Selena Pineda-Martinez states, “there is a lot of preparation involved before each game or event.” The preparation includes creating chants, making visuals and posters, encouraging others to participate, and organizing tailgates all leading up to the big games of the year.

The importance of Superfans is accentuated this year more than any year prior. Itching fans are eager to participate with the recently lifted Covid-19 guidelines, which kept most spectators out of the stands for over a year. This looming excitement of existing fans combined with newer students who may have missed the last season or two creates a perfect equation for thunderous student sections to be led by the Superfans all year long!