Potluck for all


Schneader Abanei

Have you ever eaten food and the food hit your soul? On Thursday, November 18th, a group of students came together to organize a potluck. This was an ethnic potluck, where students brought a homemade traditional dish. This SOUL event was hosted by Mrs. Myer and SOUL Members.

Delicious aromas from ethnic dishes were in the air. “My favorite dish was the samosas made with fish, it was so good,” said one of the students.  Soft drinks were available too.

Most of the students there thought it was a good opportunity to hang out with friends and discuss and share cultural foods. Trying new foods is great because you learn about other foods. “Some foods have so much history,” said Senior Gift Dukuly. It isn’t just food, it carries a lot of background and soul.

The event ended with Meyer, the Soul president, teaching us how to make her family banana pudding. “This was my favorite part of the event,” said students. This moment brought everyone together. She doesn’t follow an exact recipe as was passed down orally from her family. “You don’t do any measuring because you add things till your ancestors tell you to stop,” says Meyer. Excited, everyone rushed to grab a plate to try the pudding. “It’s good and yummy,” said Mrs. Myers.

In conclusion, the Potluck was a success and everyone tried something new. When the potluck was done, many people left to go to the ASA party to have karaoke. What a good way to end a party. Some others headed to the library to study and relax, and some went to teachers’ classrooms to take tests. It’s a good thing they ate at the potluck because taking a test with an empty stomach is the worst. The potluck was a good way to socialize and make new friends.