Eternals Review


Victor Eslava

The Eternals was released on November 5th. The first Marvel movie to get a rotten tomato score with opinions split between critics and audience. Though it is true people can’t deny that this is a very different Marvel movie.

The basic premise of the movie is that there are these beings called The Celestials who were here before the very existence of the universe. They’re the ones responsible for creating all of life in the universe. But during their creation of life they created beings called The Deviants to help create and protect. During the process they got corrupted and started killing and destroying and started to spread within the universe.

With their first creation gone the Celestials decided to create their first artificial being. They made ten warriors and they were called The Eternals. Their mission is to kill The Deviants and to help The Celestials be created.

The Eternals were sent to earth for their next mission and they completely wiped out the Deviants, or so they thought. With The Deviants seemingly gone they were tasked to help humanity grow and develop. One of The Eternals “Druig” hated to see the conflict between humanity. He broke The Eternals biggest rule, don’t directly interfere with humanity. Now there’s conflict within the group, some were even beginning to question their mission. Their leader Ajak told them they could all go their separate ways now that their mission is over. Years have passed and now a new threat has revealed itself and the eternals must come back together to save the universe once more.

The Eternals had it’s many firsts for marvel, had its first rotten tomato score, first gay couple portrayed on screen, and its first ever sex scene. Many liked this different atmosphere but others felt differently. They felt like Marvel were trying too hard to please certain demographics. If they were to put their feelings aside they would see that this is a really good movie.

The comedy of this movie is a bit hit or miss, there were definitely some jokes that could’ve been better. But jokes aside this movie was one of the most emotionally driven movie by marvel to date. Most of the emotional story parts were driven by the love between Sersi and Ikaris. One wanted to settle down and live life on earth while one wanted to serve blindly to The Celestials.

While the critics gave the movie a bad rating many can’t deny that The Eternals is a very different Marvel movie and is a game changer when it comes to the future of the MCU. I will give this movie a 10/10. If you haven’t seen the movie yet go see it for yourself and you be the judge to see if this movie is as “bad” as it is.