Powderbuff: The Good and the Bad

Powderbuff: The Good and the Bad

Ashley Mathison

Tartan High School holds multiple charity events during the year. During homecoming week they do PowderPuff which is where the girls from different grades play flag football to raise money for the food shelter. This year Tartan decided to also host PowderBuff a few weeks after homecoming. PowderBuff is where boys from Tartan make teams to play in a volleyball tournament.

PowderBuff is a volleyball tournament that was on November, 10th 2021. There were 15 different teams, between 6-10 players that played in the tournament.

This event was run by Tartan’s student council. The purpose of this event was to raise money for Holiday Helping Hands, a program to help families in need during the holiday season. PowderBuff will sponsor 20 children this year which is better than last year. We surpassed our total from last year in just one tournament.

Although this volleyball tournament was meant to be fun and charitable there came some disrespect from the players. The players would yell at the refs and the chaperones running the event if they didn’t like the way things were going for their team. One of the chaperones was Ms Ingberg who is one of the staff leaders in the student council. She states that it was demoralizing having multiple kids yell at her for “wrong” calls. She also said that “it was the older kids who were more vocal.” Student Council,  just wanted it to be a fun and charitable event.

In the end PowderBuff has both benefits and some drawbacks. PowderBuff raised lots of money for Holiday Helping Hands and brought Tartan High School together. PowderBuff did have some bumps, but in the end PowderBuff was a success. The Tartan Student Council is proud that they reached their goal of sponsoring 20 children and hope to host PowderBuff in the future.