Do Students need more time for open lunch?


Kielee Thornton

Tartan Senior High School students have had the option of open lunch for years now, and it consisted of juniors and seniors leaving at the lunch bell for 25 minutes to leave and get the food of their choice.

Students have been complaining about the lunchtime being too short because there is traffic from students walking to their car, and leaving the parking lot at the same time that other students are, causing traffic jams.

With the parking lot jammed up with students, in addition, fast food lines are even worse. The places by Tartan like Taco Bell, KFC, Dairy Queen, and Mcdonald’s are hotspots for students to go to during open lunch. It takes a while for the employees to make the food. Students sometimes carpool as well, so wait time expands.

There was also a new rule on open lunch for students to not bring in any food or beverages back from open lunch. This new policy upset seniors and juniors because, in the past, upperclassmen brought all types of food, snacks, and drinks. Students say that it’s not fair but the staff has said, “It’s a cleaning issue”.