Thoughts on leaving Tartan!


Ayriannah Vang

After 3 years of secondary education, the class of 2022 are about to experience their last year of high school. On June 6th, the seniors of Tartan high school will have officially completed their 4th year of high school.

Kyle Hang, a senior from Tartan high school comments about his thoughts about graduation. “I think I’m kinda relieved, but at the same time kinda sad and nervous with the idea of graduating. I’ve gotten so used to seeing my friends and just the high school life in general”

Many students agree with Kyle when they hear and think about graduation. Valerie Xiong who is also a senior at Tartan high school shares her opinion on graduation. “I think it’s pretty sad. I feel like it came way faster than I thought it would and I dont think I’m ready to take that big step of life to becoming an adult.” The general concept that they’ll have to experience the life of being an adult, and become more independent in their life is probably the first thought many seniors think about.

With the known fact that these seniors will be graduating, will they miss high school? When questioned, Alison Thao, a student at Tartan high school says, “I think I will because I’m used to having that free time. I’m used to hanging out with friends everyday because of our classes, but when it comes to college I won’t be with my friends since we’ll be busy”.  Many other seniors also believe that the reason why they would miss high school is because of the familiarity of seeing their friends everyday because of school.

With that being said, some seniors gave out some advice they wished their younger self would have known when entering high school. Esther Alfani, a senior at Tartan high school claims, “It’s not like high school musical or any high school based movies. I would tell myself to try to not force myself to be what people want me to be. I would tell my younger self to just be happy with what you’re doing right now”.

Esther establishes that high school is not like what it seems it is when compared to high school movies. When she first started high school she was hit with the reality of how high school really is.

Kyle, Alison, and Valerie gave out the same advice they would have given their younger self. “I wish I could have had more fun and interacted more with the school events. I also wish that I hadn’t procrastinated as much and taken my education a lot more seriously”. That was a quote stated by Kyle Hang, but it was agreed by both Valerie and Alison.

All three of them wished that they had been a lot more introverted instead of extroverted during their high school years. And to make up for that, they are trying to live their best senior life since it is their last year.

All in all, these seniors really enjoyed their years and experience in high school. Even though they have some regrets, they still truly enjoyed their experience. As exciting as graduation sounds, it is also a hard reality of a child growing up to be an adult. Graduation may be an end to one’s story, but it is also just the beginning.