Winter is coming: Parking lot safety


Sophia Young

With over 200 cars in the parking lot, getting out before the rush can be a difficult task. If you get caught in the parking lot while the buses are leaving it can take you an extra 10 minutes to just get out.

Everyone trying to leave at the same time causes chaos, but with the upcoming winter we can only predict that the parking lot will get worse. Minnesota almost always has bad winter weather with freezing cold days and huge amounts of snow.

While Tartan High School does their best at keeping the parking lot safe for students and staff, problems still occur. Tartan salts the lot to try and minimize ice and the slipperiness of driving or walking.

But that does not get rid of all the problems because not everyone is an experienced driver in the snow, especially since most kids have only had their license for 1-2 years. While students are in school sometimes it snows and at the end of the day


students get stuck and don’t know how to get out.

To help prepare for the winter, students should practice driving in the snow more and be more aware of their driving in the parking lot. Tartan can also prepare by directing students out of the parking lot to avoid crashes.

At the end of the day be prepared for temperatures to drop and snow to start falling. Make sure you drive safely and with care. Remember to always buckle up!