Hmong VS American Volleyball


Ayriannah Vang

Volleyball is a sport that can be played by everyone around the world regardless of heritage, but influenced by culture. A prime example would be Hmong volleyball compared to American volleyball.

Hmong volleyball is just like any form of volleyball, except there are different rules. Compared to American rules, it is a lot more strict and precise with what movements you’re allowed to do.

American volleyball rules are less strict and are more lenient. Some examples of this would be that in hmong volleyball, a serve cannot touch the net, a serve can not be received with a set, you can’t overset, and you’re not allowed to approach for a swing and then switch to set it over. But in American rules, these rules aren’t applied.

When asked if they prefer American or Hmong rules, Valerie Xiong who is a student at Tartan high school that plays volleyball says, “I prefer American rules because it’s less stricter than Hmong rules”. Many people agree with Valerie because they don’t exactly like the strict rules and believe it’s easier to gain points the American way.

Although many students prefer American rules over Hmong, there are just as many people who prefer hmong rules over American rules. Jamerson Her and Brandon Vue are both volleyball players that have experienced American and Hmong rules. They both agree that they prefer to play with Hmong rules because they believe it makes the game a lot more competitive and makes them feel more connected with their culture.

As I interviewed some players, I noticed that those who first started out playing American rules before Hmong, preferred American rules. They feel more comfortable with the lenient rules because it is easier. Those who started playing volleyball with Hmong rules before getting introduced to American rules, preferred Hmong rules.

The preferred rules of volleyball really depend on the kind of person you are, and what you are used to. When you’re used to something and more fond of it, you tend to stick with what makes you more comfortable!