Money in Kicks

Money in Kicks

Marko Vukomanovich

Lot’s of teens in high school are interested in finances and investing, and even more are interested in having the freshest kicks in class. It’s easy to get shoes, just have your money ready and grab your favorite silhouette at the mall. Ecommerce, however, is usually seen as an unrelated and unattainable practice for most teens.

Shoe reselling is a booming business. Resellers purchase limited release sneakers using a combination of luck, skill, and sometimes illegal purchasing programs in order to secure their pairs for retail price, then list them on the secondary market for an upcharge, pocketing the profit margin.

Highly coveted sneakers, such as the Jordan 1 Low and Travis Scott collaboration that released earlier this year are currently reselling for prices nearing the $1500 dollar mark, leaving a large profit margin for those who got their hands on the sneaker, originally releasing for $120.

Keng Yang, Senior at Tartan High School says he got his start in the reselling game while researching ways to make money during the pandemic. “The fact that I could receive the shoes in the mail, sell them online, then repackage and ship them off without interacting with anyone in person was what sold me.”

According to Business Insider, the sneaker resell industry is currently worth around 2 billion dollars in North America, and could reach up to 30 billion globally by 2030. The value of new sneakers kept in their box only appreciates with time, making it similar to the stock market- except much more attainable for teens.

Students looking to combine their passion with a flourishing business can find great success and satisfaction in the sneaker reselling business, it’s easy and a great way for teens and young adults to learn about their passions.