Tartan boys take to the Volleyball courts!

Although the Powderbuff tournament has passed, many teams are still anxious to play

Tartan boys take to the Volleyball courts!

Logan Xiong

Volleyball is a popular sport among all grade levels at Tartan High school. With the recent Powderbuff tournament over, students and staff members alike are still feeling the overwhelming need to continue enjoying the sport. As a result, many students have come together  to help set up nets not only for the gym class, but use to for competitive games in the morning.

There is a big demand for a boys volleyball team at Tartan, currently there isn’t one and many students would love to see that change. “I think we should have a boys volleyball team, we have enough people interested.” said Geno Huddleston. Senior Cruce Her agrees, “I’m looking forward to a boys’ volleyball team for Tartan and I want it to happen.” Although boys volleyball is considered a spring sport and seems a long way away, many students still anticipate it’s presence at Tartan.

Even after the tournament, the spirit still lives on within the competitors even though many teams didn’t do as well as they anticipated. Gabe Vang, captain of the Chinchillas stated “I thought we were going to win but we ended up losing.” Similarly Cruce Her said “We didn’t do as good as we wanted to, we thought we would be top 3 but didn’t go as expected.” Although both teams thought they would do better, they’re still determined to play at Tartan’s annual Incoming Tournament.