Mr. Gordon the Rockstar!

Mr. Gordon the Rockstar!

Janet Song

Most know Mr. Gordon as the 9th grade science teacher at Tartan High school and for good reason he has been teaching at Tartan since 1995. What they don’t know is that he is a rockstar when it comes to geology and travel.

His interest in rocks started in his child hood when his parents would give him and his brother bags to collect rocks. What was just an activity for him as a kid, became a lifetime interest. 

When he started school he began to expand his knowledge of rocks. Traveling soon followed. He states that rocks from around the world “provide an opportunity to explore cultures and places around the world.” Some of the and most memorable places Mr. Gordon has traveled to Iceland, Italy, Argentina and Antarctica. 

The rocks that Mr. Gordon finds the most interesting are volcanic rocks because of the different shapes, colors and textures. Mr. Gordon says “ if you are there at the right place and time you’re able to see them as the volcano erupts.” One of his highlights was looking at the “glowing hot lava from the edge of the crater” one night on the Island of Stomboli.

Mr. Gordon usually travels on weekends around Minnesota and Wisconsin, with his wife and occasionally other family members. He’s also taken longer trips over the summer and traveled with professional and amateur geologists as well as earth science teachers. 

 One thing is certainly set in stone- Mr. Gordon will continue traveling and discovering new rocks along the way.