Proof hits the Tartan stage!


Leo Wright

Tech week is now on its way for Tartan Theater’s winter performance Proof! With a cast of four and the audience seated up close and onstage, this emotion evoking production will be one to remember.

This mathematical drama has been rehearsing for most of January. There are striking differences between this play and recent Tartan performances. According to actress Stella Wright, “Proof is different from any show I’ve been in because of the cast size. Everyone in the cast has to cooperate with each other for this show to work, and we are lucky we all work really well together.”

Beyond the simple logistics of cast size, the show’s content is a new venture for Tartan Theater. Beyond telling a story about mathematicians and mathematical proofs, it covers impactful emotions that resonate with many such as depression, loss and family. Each of the characters are deep and unique in their own way, and each actor and actress has put effort into exploring these nuances during rehearsals and making their characters flourish.

For those who have been itching to see live performances again (or otherwise ease their boredom), Proof is the solution to your problem! Come support Tartan thespians January 28-February 3