Drop a Line… Valentine!

Notes of love, friendship and admiration!


Art by Jacob Thao

Students of Tartan

To Pajte, I always thought you were cute hopefully we can get to know each other sometime ~Secret admirer

Hey Joshy Poo, you make my earf-quake 

Ivan was here.

Dear Alicia, we four like 

To my dearest wife, you are one of the best people I have met. It’s been six yrs and I hope for many years to come. You’ll always be my flower hoarder. ~from the builder

To Daniel Yang, my day 1, Better keep your head up! Can’t wait to see you bounce back!

I have a crush on Marcos Campos

My Jada <3

Dear Geno Huddleston, I think you’re really cute. I enjoy playing volleyball with you in the morning. You’re really good. I think we’d make a cute couple but I’m not sure if you’re single, but you’re cute. 😀  secret admirer

Mullet man-Caleb L, I need my money back <3 and I am not a wee person. ~your manager

I luv you Rosie~ Ari <3

Demetrius Weems, HHX ~J

Anna Bobana Banana, my #1 you are so amazing and cute, have an amazing day bae <3

To Logan, I think you’re really good at volleyball and you’re super fun to be around. Also you’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

To Si Naaye, Hi Lol

Kate, you’re so sexy babe gorl. Kiss me <3

The first time we met is something I won’t forget. That day I realized there was something special about you. The kind that I still have not uncovered just yet. Those brown eyes that I get lost in the view. That smile behind that mask of yours during opening night. And the things you do got my heart all confused. It is hard to admit what I’m feeling is right. But with these odds, I feel like I would lose. I don’t believe you’ll fall for a guy like me. Both of us being in different years can be hard. But I wanna prove to you to make you see. That it’s possible if you let me play my card. Because you’re the one who made me feel love again. I wouldn’t want anybody else to call me their man.

A <3 A

Dear Vontea you are a good frien mane `Love you mane

Ello love, drop that side chick Aaron and be my valentine 😉 ~ your secret admirer

Jada, Happy Valentines ~Abe

E + B = <3

Brian, I love you so much, you make me smile, hope you know I love you XOXO

I’ve always had a crush on Chris Ramirez

Sophia, ello luv. Good thing you’re single *smirk* ~ your long time gf & bestie

Samiyah Shepard, You make me yowaimo- be my next hokage! You make my heart go Doki Doki. Very Kawaii

You have a fine booty and I love you- Abbie Larson

Brendon Richie. I love your smile and feet

Dear Morgan, drop your homie Marcus and be my lover (wink) your secret admirer

Jacob Dedrickson who is the love of my life, I have been watching you for months. Though you don’t know my name the way you walk is mesmerizing <3

Nathan Coleman- I love you

Si Naaye, Do you believe in love at first sight or should I try walking by again? ~ Alex

To all the single people, Love is overrated, go treat yourself to something nice

Mike-fine ash

Dear Logan Xiong, to be honest i think you’re one of the cutest seniors. I love your blonde hair. Seeing you in ASA and playing volleyball with you, you have such a bright personality. <3 ~Secret admirer 

To Gabe M, I have developed an attraction to you. I guess you could call it a crush…~ from you’ll never know

Dear Aron, Thank you for being my friend since 2nd grade! You’re very fun to be with and around. 

Love you dummy <3 Thank you for being in my life good and bad times, thank you ~Your Simp <3

Makhia, I noticed you the first day you came here and I just wanted to let you know you’re cute ~Secret admirer 

Hey Morgan, PSA I’m more funnier than you LOL 🙂

Pong didn’t just shoot my pictures, he shot my heart. 

Dear Joe, you are one of the kindest and caring people I’ve met. And I know we always joke about who’s the nicest in the friend group. But I really do think it’s you, you have a big heart <3 ~Sincerely an avid reader 

Kaley, you are amazing and I’ve liked you for so long

To Edna Ella Yang, you are my ride or die. And I know, I tease you sometimes (most times) however I know you secretly like it. And remember you are stuck with me forever *evil laughs* ~From yours truly, your favorite bully

“Tryna be careful with the word I use, I say it cause I’m dying to, I’m so much more than just a friend to you” <3 ~Gwenie <3

Hey Selena if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged

Coach Iker, happy valentines day! you’re a supes cool dude, cant wait for tennis to start again next year!! – Alex A

To Alexis S, Is your name WiFi cause i can feel a connection.

Hey Josh you are a fox! sneaky little fox you stole my heart 🙂

Hey Elmer, i love you and you make me happy , muah  – Pinella

Hi you’re cute :), wanna go on a date 🙂 you’re so pretty I miss you I always stare at you in class I stalk you all the time love you stink 🙂 <3

Jada Harris you are an amazing person you’re funny you’re cool and I still need my $10 for helping you, if not we fighting 🙂

Dear Grace, its D.J. holler at me

Thank you for always helping me out in ASL, and making it my #1 stress free class!

Love you loser – Ay

Zaria, To you because you’re Gorgeous happy valentines day my love <3

To my beautiful ray of sunshine… you make my heart ache. I fell like my love is flourishing in the air. You are a cutie and you are a fluffy fox. I am in love with you! im over the moon for you my sexy beast. -to Ava MP

Querida amiga quiero decirte que eres muy importante y que tienes un valor increible, eres una chica fuerte y valiente y nunca se te olvide que te quiero mucho y cuentes conmigo en todo momento nunca estes sola y saldres de esta y muchas. Te quiero <3 –Alejandra Zaldivar

Kimi da yo Kimi nanda yo ohiate kurata, Kurayami mo hiharu naura hoshizora ni naru ~ Your lie in april                             -Gwen

Hey Rico its lydia, I dont know if you remember me but I think your cute xoxo

To Jade, I love you Jade and you should drop your bf

To Delanah Lor, My love, my bsf, my one and only I love you to the moon and back. Stay beside me and I’ll show you the world. I love you!

I kinda like you, I’m gonna stay anonymous but here’s the phone number: 651- ***-****

You’re pretty hot mama, kiss me, I love you <3

Shelkita you good people thanks…

Live, laugh, love

Gwendolynn Yang, Sawarsenaikimi wa shojo na no? Boku un gairchin bicchi no osu dayu. Ganz ehrlich, du bist wie mein bester freund und ich schatze dich wirklich, Shorty <3 ~ Noah Bigbear

Lilly HM- I’m going for the trap team, but the only one I want to take out is you

I hate you <3

Buenas, Buenos Tania H- Hola hermosa dama le escribia esto para decile que la amo y la apreco mucho. El dia que te conoci fue uno de les mejores dias de mi vida. Aprecio cudo memento a tu lado y espero nunca perderte. Con amor de A y W

I did it for the candy. Love ya Noah!

Lilly I love you so much. Happy Valentines Day! I know I haven’t known you for so long but it feels like I’ve been loving you forever. You make my days with just one look. I love you so much and I wish you a beautiful day! Te amo XOXO~ Michael

Shanae bae- Do you have any overdue books? Because you have fine written all over you <3

I love you… As a friend. Melina

Kevontae <3 I love you forever and always ~ Eman & Tawe

I did it for the candy~ love ya Noah

Hey Hubiny Dubiny- your brain is bangin’ and the skin bag you’re in ain’t too bad either

Dang I love Jose J so much when I see him I get all warm with butterflies inside~ Marko V