Leave the door open for Bruno Mars’s: An Evening with Silk Sonic

Leave the door open for Bruno Marss: An Evening with Silk Sonic

Leo Wright

Looking back in retrospect at all of the new albums of 2021, An Evening with Silk Sonic remains one of my personal favorites. Created by the coalition of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, the album combines Bruno Mar’s signature sound with throwbacks to the 70’s and 80’s, which givesthe album a definite uniqueness. Each song, though interesting and independent on their own, blends perfectly with any combination of songs, whether on the radio or on your personal playlist.

“Leave the Door Open” remains my personal favorite song, even after listening through all of the others. It’s a fun easy-listen, and it effortlessly combines Bruno and Anderson’s styles whilst also staying true to the vintage sound of the rest of the album, the song is a predestined classic.

“Smoking out the Window” takes Bruno Mar’s usually peppy sound and emotions and contorts it into a harsh yet smooth song, in which Bruno laments his past relationship. Similar to “Leave the Door Open”, the song is a classic, and will likely stand the test of time.

“Skating” features influences that really reveal the direct influence that old-school R&B/soul music had on the album, and the group’s love of musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Prince can be heard in every melodic line.

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, I would definitely recommend it! Running at around 31 minutes the album is a treat to listen to in its entirety