What’s the WORD?


Morgan Wilhelm

Wordle, an online word-guessing game, has recently taken over Tiktok and my own life. In this amazing game, you try to guess a random five-letter word that the game generates. Each player worldwide receives the same word. In six guesses or less, you must guess the word. If your guess contains letters from the winning word, those letters will turn yellow. If the letter is both in the word and in the correct place, it will turn green.

I learned of this game a couple weeks ago while scrolling through Tiktok. After seeing video after video raving about it, I decided to give it a try. I was a little disappointed and taken aback to find out that Wordle is not an app, but rather an online game you can find on the Internet, but I gave it a shot anyway.

On my first day playing, I guessed the word in four guesses. I went straight to Tiktok to find videos discussing the difficulty of the day’s word. That is one of the best things that Wordle has accomplished; it brings people together. Many of my friends and I play Wordle together, trying to figure out the quickest way to guess the answer. Some use strategic methods by using words that contain the most common letters, like adieu or irate, but I prefer to go with the first word to pop into my head.

Another fantastic subsidiary to the Wordle world is a newer edition, Taylordle. This is a Taylor Swift version of Wordle, where all the words are related to the “music industry” herself. It is a very specific niche that I thoroughly enjoy.

The one possible downfall of Wordle is that you can only play once a day. While I do wish I could play more often, this builds the anticipation for the next day’s word.

Wordle is a super fun, challenging, and exciting brain game that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys activities that get you thinking. Overall, I give Wordle a 10/10, and Taylordle a 13/10. With that, I bid you adieu.