Asian Student Alliance promotes diversity in school


Gao Sheng Yang

Last week, over one hundred students attended the first meeting of the “Asian Student Alliance”, an activity club here at Tartan. The meeting was highly anticipated and was deemed successful from board members. As further anticipation rises, the board hopes for the club to additionally expand.

The Asian Student Alliance helps to represent diversity and culture at Tartan Senior High School. It allows all students of color to embrace the many identities that are present in the community. Meetings include students socializing and discussing possible events and ideas to celebrate cultures.

Hnubci Moua, the president of the activity club, speaks about her hopes and expectations for this year. Excited with this years board, she claims “My goal for ASA this year is to create an environment where people can come together and embrace who they are.” She hopes to promote a greater community for students attending Tartan Senior High School.

Additionally, an immense part of ASA is to create huge events to bring all communities together. All these events gather as many students possible; many years prior had great outcomes for the events. It encourages all students together to share significant interests and similar backstories.

Hnubci Moua also gives insights on future events, stating “We are planning the fall and spring picnic, the ASA New Year, adult panels, college visits and so much more!” The ASA team is preparing for events as the school year  presses on. If interested in ASA and its events, contact Hnubci Moua for more information.