School spirit in decline during homecoming


Jack McKenzie, Website editor

Tartan high school has had a decline in school spirit. More and more students are skipping Pep-fests, sporting events, and school dances. There have also been fewer students joining extracurricular activities. The Tartan administration discontinued the homecoming dance 9 years ago, due to low attendance and lack of student interest. 

Tartan offers a wide variety of after school activities, ranging from competitive sports to math team, in the hope that every student would find something of interest. “There are some kids that stay and work and do activities and sports,” says Erin Azer, a teacher at Tartan. ”But there is a larger population that just goes straight home and doesn’t do anything. I think that is partly where school spirit comes In. There’s a handful of kids that go all out, but in general, a larger percentage don’t at all”.

Tartan was built in 1971. At that time, schools were built to last for 30 years at most. Renovations are long overdue. “Tartan is supposed to be getting an addition,” Max Moffor, a senior at Tartan said.” I feel like the reason people are not participating in Tartan spirit is because, they simply don’t like this school. And I can easily see that. So if Tartan gets bigger, which I think it should be, and if the facilities tend to improve, I feel like a lot more people would be proud of showing why they are a part of Tartan”. 

Recently, Tartan high school switched to using an online class database called Schoology.

Schoology was designed to help students to access online resources for their classes. Schoology was also designed for online schools. Tartan has been using Schoology as a means to get funding from online classes. However, online classes come at a cost to school spirit. 

Erin Azer states,  “If online classes become more popular (school spirit) is going to dwindle because it won’t be seen as a priority. And of course, I don’t think its a priority, compared to academics. But it is nice to feel proud of where you go to school and have some of that connection”.

School spirit is different between grades. “Seniors try to have the most fun they can because they are going off to college” Emanuel Lee, a senior at Tartan commented. ”Freshman come in, kinda ignorant, and are like, ok, I don’t really care. But some of them do have the energy to get involved and do spirit week”. The task of encouraging younger students to get involved falls on upperclassmen. Things that students can do to participate are “going to the Pep-fests, enjoying the time, supporting your peers and your school” Emanuel said. “Kinda like just being there for each other. Because we are all a school together”.