Toxic Holocaust’s newest album is easily 2019’s most facemelting, ear drum exploding, whiplash causing, mosh pit inducing record.


Ozzy Schowalter

From the opening riff on “Chemical Warlords” Primal Future 2019 promises to nearly give you a heart attack, and that promise is certainly delivered.

The band takes the best aspects from the legendary thrash metal albums of the 80’s and blends them with their own unique style that they’ve had since 2008 and it makes this album really feel like something from a primal future.  

The production on this album is insanely deadly.  Echo voice effects reminiscent of Slayer’s 1983 record Show No Mercy and Metallica’s Ride The Lightning simultaneously make it sound like an 80’s record and adds to the futuristic themes of the album.  The bass is as booming as the blast of a nuclear bomb and the drums hit so hard that you almost feel like you’re the drum kit.

Many modern bands fail at combining groovy riffs with extreme speed, usually favoring one or the other, but Toxic Holocaust did it perfectly with this album, making it a great album to get jiggy with at high speeds, the prime example of this would be the track Iron “Cage,” which is the epitome of thrash metal; with relentless drums, catchy riffs, passionate singing, a nasty breakdown, and a killer solo to end the track all together gives you the untamable urge to thrash like a maniac.  

But the radness doesn’t stop there, because the album art is also wicked cool.  The contrasting purple and yellow mixed with the beautiful airbrushed art of a lone alien space marine make it pop and stand out in the sea of mediocrity of modern metal album covers.

Adrenalizing, innovative, retro, atmospheric, intense, and fun, this record is really all you can ask for as a thrasher and proves that the genre lives on past the 1980’s, do yourself a favor and check it dude.