Students charm with Seuss


Ayala Analilia

Every year starting just a few weeks into school, Tartan’s theatre begins preparing for the big day- the fall musical. This year’s fall theater performance was  Seussical, an upbeat musical based on the well known Dr. Suess books. From Horton Hears a Who to many more of our childhood favorites. The play is a family friendly, toe tapping, comedic show. Anyone, any age would enjoy this amazing performance.

All of the actors and crew of Tartan, have put in great effort to make Seuss’s fantasies come alive on stage. From the actors putting on the performance to the crew in the back helping the actors make the stage come alive, all of their work paid off in the end. Watching friends and family perform or see the work they put in on making the stage, would make anyone’s chest fill up with pride. 

All of the costumes were eye catching. The specific role of the job of the Who or the type of animal was quite obvious. You could easily tell the Who’s from the animals and even the job each Who had.

The stage was well built and made perfectly for the setting. The music, lighting, and props were quite impressive. Even with some troubles with some things, they made it work out in the end. An unexpected part was cotton balls, representing flowers, falling from the sky. Doing that trick was a strike of brilliance.

Overall, the play was catchy and beautiful. If you missed the opportunity to see this play, don’t worry there are always more in the future. The next one play is Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Make sure you go see it. It is going to be awesome!

Great job Tartan Theatre! All of you did great! We can’t wait to see what you guys have for us next.