Band fit for Titans


Quinn Stoerzinger

Every year the Tartan Titans celebrate school events throughout the school year. The students with their school pride and loud cheers make these events more memorable and epic, but they are led by a small group of individuals who have perfected the Titan’s fight song, “Scotland the Brave”.

The Tartan Concert Band is a small class of roughly 35 students led by Dr. Teehan. But size doesn’t matter for these musical talents because they are loud every time they play whether it be at a school event or just practice. Student Chris Yang who plays the trombone in the band claims that “we are a pretty good band for our size”. 

The Tartan Band is always prepared to play in front of the school whether it be in the mornings before school starts or at a football game. “All of the concerts we’ve played over the years makes it seem easy,” Mason Fischer stated.

One of the first big events that the band will have to perform at is the homecoming pep fest and homecoming game. With a combined class of varsity they just barely have 50 students. Both events for the students are important for those 2019- 2020 year. The pep fest is important because it will be the first time the band will play in front of all their peers and show that they are  a good band. The homecoming game is even more important to the band because they are graded on attendance. 

Every year at every school event you will here are the band play the Tartan Fight Song. But every year the band has many new songs that they have been practicing. Songs that the band have been practicing this year include “Evil Ways”, “Am I Wrong” and “Secret Agent Man” along with a few others. 

All in all the Tartan Band is a talented group of students taught by Dr. Teehan. Leading the cheer with the Tartan fight song they are a small group with a thundering sound rightly fit for the Tartan Titans.