916 advances careers


Alexandra Howard

916 Career and Tech Center is continuously helping students, at Tartan High School find their dream job. 916 is a school program that allows students to take classes in specialized fields, with one of the most popular being the medical path. 

Sam Baker, Tartan Senior, takes advantage of the program 916 and advances her knowledge of the medical world. As she is soon going to graduate, Sam wants to see if this career is right for her.

Even though this is Sam’s first year taking part in 916, she has many good things to say. “It’s a very good environment,” she comments, when asked what she liked about it. She states that it is good to be able to learn about the different types of careers in the medical field that she could go into. 

Many students wonder how this can help their future. For one, college credit is given to those who pass the class, just like PSEO. Although, different than PSEO, 916 allows students to see what specific jobs are like. Sam states, “It will give me a competitive advantage in any career.” As she will already take part in learning about them before college.

Those who take part in this program, take the classes at Century College, during the Tartan School day. Students who are interested in 916 and want more information can talk to their counselors. Overall, 916 is a fun way to get out of school and start to see what real world