Student faces sexism in politics


Maria Tenenbaum, a senior at Tartan High, recently participated in the prestigious Page Program in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This program selects 80 students to stand in government positions and assist House Representatives during House floor meetings. Tenenbaum was able to attend debates and watch bills, as well as laws, deliberated on the House floor.

Though this is a respected program, Maria struggled with facing sexism. Despite her eligibility to grow and establish herself in government, she has faced a tedious obstacle. Sexism conflicts stand strong in present politics. Maria added, “some people don’t share my political views; some are very against women in the government and politics”. Maria feels public policy should reflect and represent equal opportunity. She expressed this by stating that, “It’s 2019, everybody should have fair and equal treatment”.

Maria had a unique solution to this dilemma. She advised the other women to ignore the frustrating behavior and continue to act respectfully and responsibly. Her distinctive attributes, including dignity, are one of the many things that make her a brilliant candidate for politics. She shared that she felt “many people don’t want anything to do with politics, but she thinks most people would be proud to participate in this program” even with its drawbacks.

 Nevertheless, if anyone is interested in politics or government and is passionate or opinionated about policy change consider contacting Maria Tenenbaum.

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