Though the Eyes of StuCo

An inside account from a student council member.



As a member Tartan Student Council’s (StuCo)executive board, you are expected to see things in a different light than a Tartan student normally would. What we focus on is the dispersion of Tartan spirit, positive attitudes and high morale whenever the name Tartan is brought up in conversation. Which means going all out for spirit days, attending/setting up almost all school events and keeping students excited for what the school has to offer this year and doing all that with the biggest smile. We may not have the most desirable amenities and incentives that schools like Edina and East Ridge, but that just provides motivation for us. The power to make a change in the school is all the allure that we need to do our jobs for the 9 months of that calendar year– though soap in the boys locker room would be nice too.

Another thing you gain in StuCo-besides the upgrade on your resume and college application- is humbleness. Student council does a lot more than people may realize. Spirit Days? That’s us. Charity basketball games to provide gifts to the less fortunate? That’s us. Different themes for events like Semi-Formal? That’s us. Homecoming and pep rallies, that’s us- often done without recognition. 

StuCo also gets stuck with the bad rep when it comes to decisions that the student body may not really agree with from the color of balloons we hang up to selection process of Homecoming Royalty. StuCo’s intent is to do what’s best for the school as a whole whether that involves making executive decisions or opening it up to the whole school. 

Student Council intends to create a welcoming environment to all of Tartan High Schools, staff, students and guests year round in the school and the community. The next time you see a well ran Tartan event and wonder who was behind it, It is likely Student Council. Please pass the kudos along to  Mr. Scott Lotze and Ms.Bethany Ingberg so they can praise all 61 members of their student council.