The Plaid Press

2019-2020 Staff

Emanuel Lee

website administrator/ editor

Emanuel Lee is a student at Tartan High School. He is currently enrolled in Avid, this will be his 6th and final year. He is also in Mrs. Azer's journalism class, and enjoys it. Outside of school he likes playing guitar and enjoying...

Cecelia Brazil


Cecelia Brazil is a Sophomore at Tartan Senior High School and is on the Tartan Track and Field team. She enjoys baking and spending time with her family. She has a dog named Essie and a cat named Lemon, alongside two younger...

Amal Jama


Amal Jama is a Sophomore at Tartan High school. She is avid photographer and camera collector. Besides The Plaid Press, Amal is also the Public Relations Coordinator for S.O.U.L here at Tartan. She has a cat named Minty....

Angelica Palmer


Angelica Palmer is a freshman at Tartan high school. She enjoys hanging out with her siblings and listening to music. Angelica has seen multiple artists live including: Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, and Charlie Puth. She has...

Kierra Ciolkosz

Assistant Editor

Kierra Ciolkosz is a Junior at Tartan High school. She plays three sports including Tennis, Hockey, and Lacrosse. She loves to read, write and do arts and crafts. Some of her favorite book series are Percy Jackson (she thinks...

Hamdi Gure


Hamdi Gure is a sophomore at tartan high school. She is an AVID scholar. She also participates in S.O.U.L here at Tartan. Her favorite food is pasta Alfredo.

Janet Song


Janet Song is a sophomore at Tartan high school. Other than the Plaid Press she's also in student council. she also participates in Nordic skiing in the winter and lacrosse in the spring.

Farhiyo Ali


Farhiyo Ali is a sophomore here at Tartan. She enjoys reading, writing and advocating for equality, environmental sustainability, and human rights. She loves coffee, traveling, and spending time with her family....

Samira Hussein


Samira Hussein is a 10th grader at Tartan High School. She is involved in Avid, Student Council and S.O.U.L. Samira loves to spend time with her friends and have a good time. She plays for the Conway Recreation Center on her free t...

Analilia Ayala


Analilia Ayala is a sophomore at Tartan High School. She is a part of Plaid Press, Relay for Life, and Theater stage crew. In her free time she enjoys drawing and spending time with her loved ones.

Kaitlyn Forsberg


Kaitlyn Forsberg is a 9th grader at Tartan High School. Her favorite classes are math and band (go clarinets!). She enjoys spending time outside with family and friends, or just reading any book she can get her hands on. Kaitlyn...

Yasmin Sandoval

Yasmin is a freshman at Tartan High School. She likes to listen to music and is always looking for new instruments to learn how to play. She is part of the varsity band here at Tartan.

Jack McKenzie

Website Administrator/Editor

Jack McKenzie is a senior at Tartan high school.  He likes to spend time with his family, build computers, and create things. Besides writing and editing for the Plaid Press, he is a Boy Scout and is in the ACE program. He has...

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